'I was nineteen when I decided to have my metal band. Today I'm twenty-five. I was already torn between my passions for DEATH and for CHUCK SCHULDINER's amazing guitar technique, for such dark bands as DISSECTION or BURZUM, or for such novating musicians as MARK KNOPFLER, TORI AMOS and later BJORK. (only to mention the main ones). I very quickly understood that the adventure would be a little more complicated than what I had expected at first!Starting with the recruiting of my musicians. I must have auditionned all of the most pathetic loosers of the region, and far more interested in a pick up plan than in the songs of a chick ! So there is not much to talk about on this first year. The following year got a lot more interesting for me, as my studies in English took me to Montpellier in the south of France and as I met real musicians for a change, in the members of KALISIA and of HEGEMON. I had just entered the labyrinth of the Montpellier metal scene !









With the help of these gentlemen, I finally started to work on my first songs, under the name of SUSPIRIA. This period lasted for approximately a year and a half, with the hateful feeling to get to nowhere. I still didn't have a band.

My first serious and half-positive attempt came in 1999. Serious, because its direct result was the recording of the demo 'BETWEEN STRENGTH AND FRAILTY' under the band name of CHRYSALIS (with a dieresis ont he first 's', will you?!), distributed by French label ADIPOCERE. Half positive only, because the line-up issue came back very quickly, postponing again my projects. I had to face the successive departures of the drummer, of the bassist and finally of the guitarist for different reasons...Which did not prevent me from finding other musicians, who were this time a lot more motivated by my work, and of an excellent level.

Today, I finally have a band in which I take a lot of pleasure playing, and which respects my view on metal. Look after the releasing of the album ! And don't hesitate to join us into CHRYSALIS' world... See you, then !'